Hi! I’m Julie, nice to meet you! I love taking pictures. Why? Life is lived in the simple moments. In the organic, unscripted moments. A mom brushing her daughters hair away from her eyes. A father throwing his giggling son into the air. A couple sharing an intimate glance that speaks more than words, when they think no one is looking.

These are the moments I want to capture. The ones when you didn’t know anyone was watching. I want you with your loved ones, in your element, relaxed and joyful; not even thinking about what is happening behind the lens. This is why I truly love what I do. Because these are the moments, the simple joys of being together that we need to hold on to.

Outside of my photography, I am a Marine wife, and a mom to an amazing little boy and a little girl who is probably going to take over the world someday. I’m from San Diego, but the Military has taken us all over the world, and we aren’t done yet! We’ve lived in Hawaii, Buenos Aires Argentina, Guangzhou China, and now currently back in sunny San Diego.

I don’t think life is full of sunshine and rainbows, I know it can be painful and challenging too. That’s where my passion for capturing raw emotion comes from. My house is always messy, but my door is always open. I will clear off a spot of the couch for you to come and sit and chat anytime. I take sleep, coffee, and powerlifting seriously. Everything else, not so much, because I’m just a kid at heart. Most of all I love spending time with my family, because as the years pass, the shorter they are.