Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve | For a little bit of nature inside Buenos Aires

It can be difficult to hold portrait sessions in Buenos Aires, unless you are going for a very HEY WE ARE IN BA look!  And by that I mean, if you want buildings in the background, some of the cool architecture, or mind if there are people in the background of your park photos, then no problem.  I’ve done these sessions, and they are awesome, I have one that will be hitting the blog soon. But sometimes you just want some nature. To feel away from the hustle and bustle (even though there is still quite a bit of dodging runners and bikers at the reserve), and just have some luscious greenery and sunshine and water shots.  

It took me THIRTEEN FREAKING MONTHS to finally shoot at Costanera Ecological Reserve.  I knew it was over there, but it honestly just took me a while to get comfortable with going over there with my DSLR by myself with clients, after hearing stories of camera muggings being a real threat.  But I put on my big girl panties, my mace in my pocket, and some friends who I knew would have my back, and headed out. Meredeth and Randy live right upstairs from us, and were the perfect couple to take out there.  Meredeth is basically Wonder Woman, and not only looked drop dead gorgeous, but also had pancakes ready for her two boys, plus Ian and Billy who graciously watched all three boys.

The Costanera Ecological Reserve is only open from 0800-1800, so we got there as close to 0800 as possible. It was already pretty bright, but I wanted to practice working with some direct sunlight, so it was a two for one, andI love the way these photos came out.  I just might be shooting way more often to get me some of these blue skies!!!!

We started at the South entrance, and made our way down the path that led back to the beach.  Along the way there were some perfect pockets of shade from trees, and some glimpses of the city skyline.  The water here in BA is totally brown and murky, but the beach itself was really pretty, speckled with big rocks. This is a spot I am definitely going to be going to as much as we can before we leave.  I love how I was able to capture the BA skyline in certain areas, so we can see a little bit of the big city while being out in nature!

Julie McGregor