El Rosedal | The rose garden Buenos Aires

Planted in the strip of green park, or forrest, in Buenos Aires, is a beautiful rose garden. On the weekends the area is jam packed with tourists, rollerbladers, flower enthusiasts, and lovers drinking mate. It’s fountains, lush green grass, and gorgeous roses are a breath of fresh air from the bustling city. There is a large pond where you can always find hungry ducks, or rent a paddle boat and cruise around. There is a big gazebo, covered in painted tiles, that you can get lost at looking at the stories that each tile has to tell. The trick is to head over there in the morning, while most of of the city still slumbers. Here is where I met the Moles family. A gorgeous couple. with two even cuter and energetic boys. We had the place mostly to ourselves while we walked and explored, and had a ton of laughs.

Julie McGregor