In love in Belgrano and Barrio Chino | Buenos Aires

When I was asked to photograph a couple where they fell in love, I was stoked at the opportunity to spend the morning exploring a gorgeous little area of Buenos Aires. We started out in their home, and they led me through the tree lined cobblestone streets, over to Barrancas de Belgrano. Here we wandered around the twisting sidewalks, admiring the blooming jacarandas. We stopped to admire the children’s library, La Reina Batata, that looks like it came from a different time. We watched dancers learning the tango in the huge gazebo. We stood in awe at the bottom of the hill at the city and trees towering above us. We crossed the street into Barrio China, or China town, and picked out our favorite street art. It was the perfect morning, with a couple so in love.

Julie McGregor