Haixinsha Flower Show | Chinese New Year in Guangzhou

Our first experience with Chinese New Year was pretty uneventful, but honestly some much needed R&R for us. It has been an intense month between the move and life’s happenings, so I’m not even mad that we didn’t spend Billy’s four days off running around our new city.

We were pretty well prepared for pretty much the whole city shutting down for a week. We heeded the advice around us, and made sure we had plenty of water for the dispenser, and a fridge stocked with food. Our only rookie mistake was not having ample funds loaded onto our WeChat (preferred method of payment here), so we did spend two days finding an ATM that would work for us.

We did finally venture out on that Thursday to the Haixinsha Flower Show. It was close enough to walk, and looked pretty cool from what I could see online. Haixinsha is a little island that you can walk over to, on which a huge grandstand was built for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 Asian Games.

The entire island was covered with flowers (and people, it was pretty crowded!!!). There were 33 gorgeous displays of flowers. Beautiful sculptures and scenes crafted from the most perfect flowers. This is one of those times where I feel as though pictures cannot really do justice to the scene, but I tried by best. So picture these flowers, but BIGGER and BRIGHTER, and EVERYWHERE. Luckily, many of the New Years festivities continue on for a few weeks (the lantern festival is definitely on my todo list), but if this was our only outing on our week off, it was worth the walk.

Julie McGregor