Guangzhou, China | Our first week in the City of the Goat

Out and about in Guangzhou

Our first week in Guangzhou, China has been amazing!  Busy, but awesome. I will try to keep this post short and sweet, and not bore you with the details so you can enjoy all the pretty pictures.  

Our first few days was really all about trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we now live in China.  We had fabulous sponsors here who showed us the ropes a bit, helped us get phones, and made us feel welcome. We unpacked and started to make our new home feel like home. We wandered the streets a bit. We saw a lucky lion dancing to bring luck to a new beauty salon. We walked along the Pearl River. That first weekend, we ventured out to shop a bit.  We hit the grocery store, where we can buy whole alligators… if you know, we ever need an entire alligator… We also went to Ikea! A weekend was not the smartest time to make an Ikea trip.  You can see how much Ian enjoyed that one!

We were also shown the Wet Market, a local market right around the corner where you can get fresh produce, spices, and home goods. Right around the corner from that, is an area where they store boats underwater for the Dragon Boat Races - DEFINITELY more on that when they happen.

The next week was a more normal week for us.  Billy went to work, and Ian and I explored our new city.  Tuesday though, we were able to go along to pass out the Toys for Tots.  We went to a small school, that consisted mostly of immigrant workers children, about half of which are special needs.  The area the school was located, was a short block from the busy street, but felt like a different world. Like an older time tucked away from the busy skyscrapers. They were SO excited and happy to have us there. They played and danced with us, and they were so grateful to get some special gifts.  They all had painted small wooden tokens, that they gave to us as a thank you for coming. It was a really special day.

Everything has been pretty sweet so far.  We love our apartment, and how convenient it is.  The food is AMAZING. We have been out to eat four times, and we are 4/4 on really good food.  I have three gyms that I can switch between to get my workouts in, and Ian’s school is AMAZING. Oh and guys, there is a CAT CAFE. Literally a cafe where you can go and hang out with cats while you sip your latte. This will be on the next blog after we go and visit!  

One of our other main highlights this week though was finding Zhujiang Park, which is right across the street from us.  It’s huge and beautiful, and has an enormous play area for Ian. We will be spending a lot of time here for sure!

Be sure to check back for updates, it’s going to be an amazing 18 months here!

Julie McGregor