what you need to know


the session

Every session is just as unique as you are.  When you invest in me, I will be with you every step of the way.  If you have any questions or concerns before or after the shoot, or need inspiration, I am only an email, text or call away.

I shoot on location, whether that be the beautiful outdoors, or in your home.  My goal in every session is to deliver to you a story of our time together, catching the joy and laughter and feeling of our day.  I will make you look at feel your best, so these are portraits you are proud to hang on your walls.

After we book your date, I like to get to know you and your family better. I have a questionnaire I will send out, and I hope to hear back from you!  Your session is going to be laid back and FUN, and it’s great to get to know each other more beforehand.

what do i wear?

Picking outfits can be stressful for some (it always is for me when getting photos done with my family)!  Ultimately, choose something you feel comfortable and attractive in, as I want you as relaxed as possible during your shoot! Keep an eye on your inbox, I will be sending over a style guide with links to Pinterest boards as well.


  • Sick to a color palette of three to four complementary colors

  • Layers are flattering and a way to show personality

  • Keep hair simple and clean

  • Parents in solid naturals and kiddos in brighter patters, distinguishes the kids from the adults

  • Pinterest is a great place for inspiration


  • Everyone wearing the same outfit, mix it up!

  • Huge logos that will date the photo and distract the eye

  • Loud or busy patterns

we came, we shot…

now what?

In the days following your session I will hand cull and edit your photographs.  One to two weeks after your session, I will provide you with a unique link to your gallery.  Here you will be able to download your photos, and also have the option to purchase professional quality prints and products. 

I don’t like to push products on to people, but I do want to make sure everyone understands the value of investing in quality photographic products. When you order from consumer labs like Wal-Mart, Costco, Shutterfly, etc., they take the liberty of color correcting your photos in the way that their machines see fit!  So the beautiful photo you see on your screen, is not going to come out looking the same on paper from these labs.

When you order from a professional, your photos color, clarity, quality, is going to be spot on.  I have worked with my lab in order to calibrate their settings to mine, so that the products I deliver are beautiful works of art that you will be proud to hang on your walls.