hi there.


I’m Julie, nice to meet you.

I love taking pictures. why?

Life is lived in the simple moments. In the organic, unscripted moments. A mom brushing her daughters hair away from her eyes. A father throwing his giggling son into the air.  A couple sharing an intimate glance that speaks more than words, when they think no one in looking.

These are the moments I want to capture. The ones when you didn’t know anyone was watching. I want you with your loved ones, in your element, relaxed and joyful; not even thinking about what is happening behind the lens.

I don't want forced smiles.  I don't want anyone saying "cheese" through gritted teeth.  I want your shoot to BE fun.  I want your shoot to flow, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.  And most of all, I want for your family to have a joyous experience connecting with each other and having genuine moments.

This is why I truly love what I do. Because these are the moments, the simple joys of being together that we need to hold on to.


Who i am

Outside of my photography, I am a Marine wife, and a mom to an amazing little boy.  Coffee is my lifeblood. I love hitting the streets for a good run, but hardly find the time.  I have found a love for power lifting.  I dabble with a crochet hook.  I love cooking new dishes (Food Network is a guilty pleasure).  I love meeting a friend at a sidewalk cafe for an afternoon cappuccino. Most of all I love spending time with my family, because as the years pass, the more I realize how truly short they are.

Oh, and I think self portraits are SO important, and try to jump in the frame with my family as much as I can.


where am i

For today, you can find me down south… no I mean WAY down south. We are currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina!  Living here has been an incredible opportunity to capture a different culture, some amazing architecture, and some beautiful people. It won’t be for long though, stay tuned for where we head next!