What to Wear

Tips for a beautifully styled session


Deciding what to wear for your family photos can be really stressful for some. Trust me, I’ve been there!  You want to create a look that looks timeless, flows well together, and feels comfortable for you and your family.  Here are some tips that can help you achieve a beautifully styled, cohesive look for your photos.

What to Wear:

  • Coordinate, don’t match

  • Neutrals colors look best with pops of color.

  • Pop of color is GOOD (mustard, burgundy, olive green)

  • Wear something that is comfortable and YOU. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror then you are not going to like it on camera.

  • Make sure to dress weather appropriate

  • Dresses work best for mom and girls that flow to create movement

  • Limit patterns, add textures

  • Use a color Palette

  • Shoes matter!

  • Plan ahead!  Waiting until the last minute can leave you feeling rushed and looking uncoordinated.

What NOT Wear:

  • All white or all black (NO, black sweaters)

  • Do NOT all match

  • Shirts with logos or numbers

  • Crazy patterns or thin stripes

  • Something you would not normally wear

  • Neon colors

More Tips:

A great place to start is with mom.  Find an outfit you feel AHH-MAZING in, and lets go from there.  Does it have a pattern? What are the colors?  From there we can COORDINATE the other humans outfits from there, using the same PALETTE.  Every piece should match that one pattern. You can layer with scarfs or sweaters to tie colors in as well. Feel free to send us photos if you have questions!

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! Mustard and burgandy and olive green photograph BEAUTIFULLY. Just sayin.

Don’t put EVERYONE in a pattern.  Adding TEXTURES (a scarf, a vest, a sweater) to coordinate adds layers and movement.

Don’t forget about your footsies!  Footwear is important, so don’t forget to coordinate shoes when planning your outfit!  Sneakers really don’t work well in shoots (unless it’s some Converse, that’s always ok in my book). Just be sure to keep colors and styles in mind when thinking about shoes.


Here are some Pinterest Boards to get your juices flowing: