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I am a documentary/lifestyle photographer, currently based in San Diego, California. My goal is to take photos that are full of joy, love, curiosity, and pure emotion.

Life is lived in the simple moments. In the organic, unscripted moments. A mom brushing her daughters hair away from her eyes. A father throwing his giggling son into the air.  A couple sharing an intimate glance that speaks more than words, when they think no one in looking.

These are the moments I want to capture. The ones when you didn’t know anyone was watching. I want you with your loved ones, in your element, relaxed and joyful; not even thinking about what is happening behind the lens.

I don't want forced smiles.  I don't want anyone saying "cheese" through gritted teeth.  I want your shoot to BE fun.  I want your shoot to flow, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.  And most of all, I want for your family to have a joyous experience connecting with each other and having genuine moments.

This is why I truly love what I do. Because these are the moments, the simple joys of being together that we need to hold on to.


it’s the simple joys of being together that we need to hold on to.

julie mcgregor photography


Why photos?

Life is way too short and moves much too fast. Moments are fleeting, and too often we put off getting photos taken until [insert whatever your reason is here]. But before we know it, those little blonde curls are no longer present, or you realize you don’t have any photos of you and your spouse when you were young and carefree, and neck deep in infatuation. Loved ones have passed on, or best friends have moved away. Photographs have the power to take these moments and freeze them in time for us. To look back on and have our hearts filled with joy at the memories, or to have our children to look back onto when we are gone is such a gift. I encourage you to book a session with a professional photographer, and put that art on your walls and in albums and let them fill your spaces with joy. Let your children reflect back on these times with all the joy they felt when they were small enough to be held or swung through the air. I promise, it’s worth it.


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